Ùlpan - Gaelic for Adults


Ùlpan courses are offered at the Benbecula campus.

Ulpan - gaelic for adults

See Ùlpan Course Information. Gaelic conversation and activity classes are also offered.

This course will combine classroom-based instruction with a programme of activities. The classes will be preview of the language which will be used in the activities, and the activities will generate language -  language comes out of people doing things together.

Sample activities may include:

Shopping and Post Office

Food is fundamental to our lives. We’re usually talking about it or thinking about it. You’ll learn the names of common foods. You’ll also learn how to express likes, dislikes, preferences and quantities. We’ll talk about the services provided by the post office.

The Beach

We’ll talk about the beach and the landscape. The beach is a place of recreation for us. We’ll talk about recreations and the things we enjoy doing. We’ll go for a walk on the beach and talk about what’s around us.


Ruaidhaibhal is the only hill on Benbecula. From its summit you can see all around you. We’ll talk about these places and features of the landscape.

Potato Picking

The potato has been of crucial importance in the history of these islands. To this day, islanders don’t really think that a meal without potatoes is really a meal! We’ll spend time with a local crofter, and get a few stories from him.