Library Charter


The library service is committed to supporting the college community by providing high quality, cost effective information and learning resource services through a range of media.

To achieve this, the Library undertakes to

  • Ensure that users are treated with courtesy and respect by Library staff
  • Collect and manage resources efficiently to support study programmes
  • Provide a range of electronic resources to support study programmes
  • Within the limits of available space, provide areas for different user needs, e.g. group study and quiet study (study space not available in the Library until further notice)
  • Provide fair and equitable access to resources for as many users as possible
  • Help users develop information skills to make optimum use of resources
  • Improve its collections and services on a continuing basis in consultation with users.

Users are expected to

  • Request assistance from Library staff if required
  • Treat other users and staff with respect and courtesy
  • Be considerate of other users' needs by: maintaining quietness in the Library; switching mobile phones to vibrate
  • Treat books and equipment with care
  • Always have their membership cards ready for inspection
  • Return material by its due date to make sure that it is available for others
  • Not pass loans on to another person, and to accept liability for all resources loaned in their name
  • Accept and promptly pay charges for lost or damaged resources (borrowing is not permitted whilst charges are owed)
  • Observe legal and contractual restrictions on the use of electronic and print resources
  • Use computer terminals for coursework only (computer usage is monitored)
  • Observe instructions from Library staff and acknowledge their responsibility and authority to enforce these

Privacy Notices