Annual Music Scholarship Award

An annual scholarship award is offered to a student, sponsored by the traditional music teaching week.

An annual scholarship award is offered to a student, sponsored by the traditional music teaching week. Winner of this year's award was Eoghan McManus, a student from Glasgow studying BA Applied Music at Lews Castle College. He has written a quick summary of his time below #lccuhi #appliedmusicuhi

This year @AllanHenderson who has recently jointed the Lews Castle College UHI music teacher and former Blazin Fiddles band member provided masterclasses as part of the teaching team.

Activities are choreographed by Anna Wendy Stevenson, joining forces with Blazin in Beauly to once again facilitate a generous scholarship. We were delighted to be represented by Allan and our students who took part in this wonderful week of music making with the artists and the local community.

Eoghan McManus wrote:

"During my time at Blazin’ in Beauly, I learned a lot of new repertoire, took part in many of the workshops hosted and experienced the tutors playing live at the concerts. Each day we attended a masterclass in the morning – learning from each of the members of Blazin’ Fiddles plus Troy McGilvery - who was one of the guest tutor this year.

These were highly informative as the tutors gave insight into how they approach learning and playing certain tunes, from different regions. They taught at least one tune from their roots – all the teaching was done by ear, then we moved onto adding in bowing.

This was intriguing because they all had their own different styles and some of the bowing really challenged me, but I was determined to add it in because it enhanced the melodies. Troy’s class was exciting because I’ve never been taught by a Cape Bretton fiddler and he showed us the different ornaments that he uses and how the Cape Bretton style of playing differs from Scottish.

I went along to Hannah Rarity’s song workshop too, which was something different for me. We sung ‘Shower the people’ and performed the song at a concert put on for people from Beauly care home. The harmonies were tricky as there were chromaticism’s and interweaving parts, but I learnt a new skill in the process. There was a ‘fiddle clinic’ workshop which was put on for players to ask questions based on the instrument and technique – which I benefitted from, especially learning about the bow hold. Furthermore, we were privileged to have an employee from D’Addario come to educate us on strings, suitable choices and maintaining them.

The finale of the week was performing one of Rick Taylor’s songs and a beautiful melody which written in memory of him, by one of his former students attending. He led the tune and the rest of us came in as a big chord pad over the top. This enhanced my groupwork skills as we performed in an orchestral style setting and there was a lot of ques to follow."