Business Innovation

Do you have an idea for a business (or an interest in starting one in the future) or are you interested in updating your skills with some training in high-technology?  If so our Innovation Centre, based at our Stornoway Campus, provides training, advice and development facilities for people who would like to start their own business or would like training in modern high-technology and/or entrepreneurship.  It particularly specializes in high-technology ideas involving electronics, computer programming and light mechanical engineering – but provides facilities and advice suitable for anyone with any type bright idea that wants to learn about how to exploit it.

What does the Innovation Centre offer?

The Innovation Centre offers technical facilities to develop your idea into a product - these include programming, electronics and other resources and the training to use them.  It also offers advice on both business and technical matters and the skills necessary to develop a business plan.  The available training currently includes a variety of courses with the following themes:

  • Basic coding (computer programming)
  • Starting a business
  • Basic electronics
  • Running a business
  • Advanced programming, electronics and microcontroller systems development

As well as supporting entrepreneurs, these courses are also available for anyone wishing to undertake technical or business training and are college certified.  Many of our training courses are suitable for open or distance learning and we are developing new ones all the time.

The use of the facilities and advice in the centre is free.  Users provide their own consumable items for development work and for pay a small fee for the training courses.  Users developing systems for business pay a return back to the centre if the product they develop in the centre starts making a substantial profit.

What should I do next?

If any of the information above interests you email to arrange a look round and discuss your needs.

What else does the Innovation Centre do?

The Innovation Centre also provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities for young people and a networking hub for experienced engineers, scientists and business people in the Western Isles who wish to contribute to the further development of the local economy.  The centre also provides business and technical services and training to the College students and staff.

Who funds the Innovation Centre?

The founding sponsors of the Innovation Centre are Lews Castle College and Point and Sandwick Trust.