Lews Castle College UHI Celebrate Apprenticeship Week Scotland 2021

It has never been more important to show our support for apprenticeships. Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021 is a time to share the value apprenticeships can bring to individuals, employers and the economy.

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Holly O'Donnell with one of the children she cares for at An Cotan Nursery.

Throughout the week LCC UHI will be showcasing apprenticeships, the work the college do with local business, and the benefits that apprenticeships can provide to young talent, and the local economy.

The theme of this years Scottish Apprenticeship Week is Business Backing Talent, to showcase the great things that happen when employers back talent through apprenticeships.  

Head of Technology Roddy Ferguson said, “Businesses have had to adapt to challenging times during the global pandemic and so have LCC UHI. Apprenticeships have never been so important as a way for young people learn, achieve and progress with the support of business backing their talent.”

Holly O’Donnell is currently completing a ‘Social Services, Children and Young People Apprenticeship’ with LCC UHI at An Cotan nursery. She said, “I choose to do an apprenticeship as you are getting the needed experience in childcare and it is also a bonus to be getting paid alongside the learning. I am also provided with all staff training courses that I can take with me when I finish, and when I complete my apprenticeship, I will be a fully qualified practitioner.”

LCC UHI will be hosting a live event on Friday 5th of March at 11am where our staff will be available to answer any questions about apprenticeships. We welcome anyone who is interested in an apprenticeship to come along and find out more.


To attend the virtual event please email lccmarketing@uhi.ac.uk for more information and the link to the event.

For more information about apprenticeships at LCC UHI visit – https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/business/

For more information on about Apprenticeship Week Scotland visit – https://www.apprenticeships.scot/scottish-apprenticeship-week/


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