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BA Applied Music content

BA Applied Music

Course Code: W301

The BA Applied Music is offered as a networked degree, meaning that students can base themselves at a selection of colleges throughout the UHI network.

The BA Applied Music in Benbecula provides the opportunity to capitalise on the college activities, facilities and cultural location of the Outer Hebrides all of which have a strong traditional music focus. The degree itself explores all music genres, traditional, Celtic, pop, jazz, classical and rock and combines blended learning to include intensive residencies 4 times per year based all around the Highlands and Islands.

Addressing the modern needs of the professional musician, you will study with top individuals in their fields. Complimented by online, community placement and video conference delivery you will focus your study towards the application of music in a variety of professional contexts.

You will also develop skills in business, finance, enterprise, networking and communication, which will help you access opportunities nationally, in Europe and the USA.

HNC Music content

HNC Music

Course Code: U103W

The HNC Music is a practical course for students who wish to improve their performance, musical and recording skills and for those who wish to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to access degree level education.

It is an ideal option for someone looking for a stepping-stone before studying music at degree level, or simply a musician wishing to spend a year focusing on improving and developing his or her skills.

Music Studio

MA Music and the Environment content

MA Music and the Environment

Course Code: UW302

Creative artists make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the creative economy, particularly in rural communities.

The MA Music and the Environment provides a foundation for musicians to develop new paths for creative, entrepreneurial and environmentally responsible endeavours. In addition the course equips musicians to work within their own community, establishing effective and successful contributions to their local economy.

The course focuses on the three distinct but interrelated themes of music performance and creation; the cultural and historical context; and the creative economy and sustainability. Activities during the course encourage and demand the skills of observation, investigation, experimentation, reflection, creation, innovation and design.

Special features

  • Opportunity to work in one of the richest natural and cultural environments in the world with leading musicians and experts in the heritage and historical context
  • Chance to work on real-life work scenarios to develop new works, performances and enterprises in local setting across the Highlands and Islands
  • You will gain key skills and expertise to form complex and compelling artistic works, with a clear understanding of relevant environmental factors
  • You will also acquire skills to create sustainable enterprises and make a contribution to the creative economy and network of other artists in the UK and Europe