Dr Edward Graham


Lecturer / Meteorologist

Winner UHISA VC Most Engaging Tutor of the Year 2013

Winner "Most Engaging Online Tutor" 2015

Highly Commended "Most Inspiring Lecturer" 2016

Winner "Most Engaging Video-Conference Tutor of the Year" 2013


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Personal history

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  • PhD in ExactWissenSchaft (Natural Science), Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bern, Switzerland (2008): Thesis: “A site selection tool for large telescopes using climate data“ (funded by the European Southern Observatory).
  • M.Sc. in Applied and Agricultural Meteorology, University of Reading, England (1995): Thesis: “The ground heat flux of a bog site in the Northern Netherlands“ .
  • B.A. (Mod) in Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (1993): Dissertation: “The urban heat island of Dublin city during the summer months“ (First class honours for dissertation, later published).

Teaching / Lecturing

I am leader of the following UHI modules (in various degree programmes, including Geography, Sustainable Rural Development and Environmental Science). For more information, please see: https://uhi-mahara.co.uk/view/view.php?id=5158

  • Climate Change (SCQF 9)
  • Atmosphere, Weather and Climate (SCQF8 )
  • Climate, Land and People (SCQF 7)
  • Quantitative Research and Data Analysis (SCQF 11)
  • Introduction to Global Environmental Issues (SCQF 7)
  • Mixed Methods and Action Research (SCQF 11)
  • I also teach Understanding the Weather (an evening class), Meteorology at Sea, Wind Energy / Boundary Layer Meteorology

Dr. Eddy Graham duing visit to Sutherland, South Africa, December 2012.

Involvement in Research Projects:

Dr Edward Graham

Other responsibilities, duties and interests

Please see https://uhi-mahara.co.uk/view/view.php?id=5160