James Morrison

Researcher in HebMarine group working with data from deployed wave sensors aiming at improving accuracy of returned data and developing better approaches for managing those large datasets for easy extraction of statistical data.

James Morrison


e: james.morrison@uhi.ac.uk

tel: +44 (0) 1851770405


  • Programming: Python ( including Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib ), Java
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite
  • GIS: Quantum GIS, GDAL, ESRI ArcGIS



  • Assessment of the Grid Capacity Sharing Potential for Wave and Wind Energy Conversion Systems in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, A. Vögler and J. Morrison, EWTEC 2013, Aalborg, Denmark
  • An Empirical Analysis of Coastal Shoaling Induced Modifications to Wave Climate and its Impact on Wave Power, A. Vögler, V. Venugopal and J. Morrison, ISOPE 2013, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Wave Modelling For Potential Wave Energy Sites Around The Outer Hebrides, C. E. Greenwood, V. Venugopal, D Christie, J. Morrison and A. Vögler, OMAE 2013, Nantes, France



  • Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers 2013, University of Aberdeen ( poster )
  • UHI Research and Post Graduate Conference 2012, Inverness ( poster )
  • Enviromental Impact on Marine Renewables ( EIMR ) 2012, Orkney ( poster )



  • Terawatt modelling workshop, ICIT Heriot-Watt University ( participant )
  • Software Carpentry Boot Camp 2013, University of Manchester ( participant )
  • Shallow water bathymetry using LIDAR and satellite imagery 2013, Marine Scotland, Aberdeen ( participant )



  • Software Carpentry Boot Camp 2013, University of Southampton ( Instructor in Shell and Python testing )
  • Guest Lecture, Marine Technology (3rd year), Scottish Association for Marine Science ( Measuring Waves: Sensors and Data Analysis )


Development Experience:

  • Setup of Linux cluster for parallel computation using MPICH
  • Python based tools for live and batch processing of data from wave buoys and visualisation of processed data
  • Constructing a large high resolution display wall using open source tools
  • Flash based tool for energy analysis of commercial buildings
  • Developing GIS urban datasets for spatial analysis
  • Pilot project for audio tours via handheld GPS devices
  • Scorecard based web application built in Java



  • Computer Science BSc, University of Edinburgh ( 2000 - 2003 )
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