From art courses in our bespoke studio on the isle of Uist or song writing and online music classes we have a wide range of creative courses for you in 2021.

Gaelic Song as an Introduction to Gaelic Language content gaelic-song

Gaelic Song as an Introduction to Gaelic Language

You will be introduced to the Gaelic language through the medium of traditional Gaelic song.  A programme of songs will be covered during the unit, and their origins researched, with particular emphasis on the meaning and socio-cultural background of the pieces.  Through this, you will build up a basic vocabulary, and develop a deeper understanding of the Gaelic language.  You will have access to online materials to support your learning. Music lecturer Allan Henderson will lead this unit, with additional input from award winning singer Paul McCallum.

  • Start Date: contact for more information 
  • Full time or Part time: Part time – one hour a week on Tuesdays at 2pm
  • Study Method: Online or in College
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Music Repertoire Skills content Music-Repertoire-Skills

Music Repertoire Skills

Acclaimed piper and producer Iain MacDonald teaches tunes from the pipe and fiddle traditions - dance tunes, jigs, reels, strathspeys to marches and slow airs.  This class will explore a range of ornamentation and techniques to create flowing and rhythmically secure performances.  The class will be taught as a group by ear and sheet music will be provided at the end of each session.  Open to intermediate to experienced players aged 14 and up. 

Art & Archaeology content Introduction to the Archaeology of Lewis and Harris

Art & Archaeology

This course will explore the synergy between Art and Archaeology, through a combination of lectures, discussion, and field work. Working with UHI Lecturers you will explore the subject matter with expert tutelage, producing creative work with a grounding in archaeological enquiry. Aimed at creative practitioners or those with an interest in both subject areas.

  • Start Date: 10,17, 24 April 2021
  • Full time or Part time: Part time – 3 Weeks, a total of 10 hours over 3 Saturdays, 6th, 13th and 20th March
  • Study Method: Online
  • Visit Course Page  - contact for more information 
Jewellery Casting content A person using a soldering iron

Jewellery Casting

This course is open to anyone who has an interest in casting techniques specific to jewellery. Over the course of the week you will learn how the casting process works. You will also have the opportunity to design, cast and finish a silver piece of jewellery.

  • Start Date: please email for further details
  • Full time or Part time: Part time 
  • Study Method: in college 
  •  contact for more information