David Brown


Sustainable Development CPD Award

After my first forty-eight years working in a tax office, I concluded that I should call it a day.  But how was I to keep body and mind active?  And, have nothing to do with tax!  For the former, I started doing a little volunteering work. But what about the brain. 

I started doing some courses and enjoyed them, but this just meant that I wanted further study which would have something to show for it in the end. I dug around the internet for courses and found the University of the Highlands and Islands. I’ve spent a few happy days in the Highlands and Islands, and that chimed with me.


Then, “Sustainable Development”: whatever was that? I started off with one module, ‘Introduction to Sustainable Development’.  The course was fascinating, and there was a good discussion with my fellow students and tutor.  ‘Sustainable Agriculture was one discovery – and the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is in Secunderabad in India.

I boldly moved on to two modules in the new year, for more interesting discussion; the brain cells were certainly being stimulated.  Of course, there were essays and assessments, and that tested whether they were still functioning.  It did seem that they were. 

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