Eric Macleod


BA Health Studies

"I’ve just completed my degree in Health Studies at Lews Castle College UHI. The reason I chose this course, was that I was looking to change career. Previously I worked with a local construction manufacturer, but I’d always wanted a career working with young people, which is something I’ve been committed to ever since leaving school. A large part of my spare time has always been devoted to coaching and youth work, but when any jobs came up in this area I couldn’t get to the letting stage as I lacked formal qualifications.

When I was looking at ways to gain a qualification to provide me with a pathway into a career in youth work, I looked at a range of options. I knew that there were a large choice of courses, but I also knew that there were a number of limiting factors for me. The main ones being the course needed to be available locally and delivered flexibly, in a way which allowed me to fulfil other commitments.

The BA Health Studies 'fitted the bill' in terms of the qualification I needed, but the clinching factor for me was that it was available on-line through my local college – Lews Castle College UHI.

When I was accepted for the course, I was given an induction which introduced me to an approach to learning I knew nothing about previously. This brought its own worries but these were quickly dealt with by the teaching and library staff at the college, who showed me how to structure my studies, and helped me through the most difficult early stages. Most important of all, they made me feel more like a friend than a student!

The most impressive thing for me while doing the course, was how friendly and supportive were the students and the college staff. By that I don’t mean just the teaching staff, I include the library staff, office staff, cafeteria staff, janitors, cleaners and managers. They all made me feel part of a family rather than a number.

If I was to be asked what it was about the course that worked for me, it would be that although it was available on-line, I never felt that I was studying from a distance, as great library facilities and supportive tutors were available locally."

"If anyone who is in a similar position to where I was before I started my degree course, asked me about my experience of studying at Lews Castle College, the answer would be simple. It Worked For Me!"

On completing his degree at Lews Castle - Eric was appointed to the post of Youth Support Officer with The Foyer Project in June 2013 and then moved on to become an Active Schools Coordinator with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar in October 2013.

 Eric Macleod, BA Health Studies student