Gordon Macleod


BA Theology

Gordon Macleod enrolled on the BA Theology with UHI in September 2012 . His aim being to enter the Ministry. Gordon is the proprietor of Laxdale Holiday Park and he previously worked in the oil industry.

Gordon writes:

"I enrolled on the BA Theology course as I wanted to follow a vocation through Ministry with the Church of Scotland. Before deciding that this was the path that I wanted to follow I thought that a major obstacle for my studies would be the ability to study for my degree locally at home in Lewis. When I checked out whether I could complete my studies in the islands I was pleasantly surprised not just about having the ability to study from home but by the quality of facilities and support available to me.” Said Gordon “ I first became aware of the opportunity to study for my degree in Theology through a friend who was also studying at Lews Castle College and he told me how the college was linked into the University of the Highlands and Islands which included the Highland Theology College [HTC]."

"I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of my Theology studies and the access I have to tutors through new technology and the library facilities available locally to me enables me to fulfil other business and family commitments while completing my studies . When I complete my studies I hope to enter the ministry with the Church of Scotland - which is a pathway and change of direction which has been driven by my faith and I’m really thankful that this fantastic opportunity became available to me at the time it did and for the support I’m receiving from the staff and other students."

"My advice to others looking to make a change in their life and/or career would be not to allow themselves to be put off by entering a new or unknown area of study or new technology . Check out the direction that you want to follow and you’ll soon find that the technology, facilities and support available locally are not a barrier - they are an opportunity. My experience is that the culture of Lews Castle College and the Highland Theological Institute is one where the staff provide great encouragement and support to achieve your chosen goal."

 Gordon Macleod, BA Theology student