John Macinnes


Student on the HND Business having completed his HNC in session 2012-13.

As well as being a student at Lews Castle College, John Macinnes also manages a local social club. Since becoming manager, he has made a major contribution in transforming the finances of the club, and helping to boost membership through a diversified range of events hosted by the Lewis and Harris Rangers Supporters Club.

Mr Macinnes said:

"I became aware of the HN and Degree courses in Business at Lews Castle College through friends, the college website and a range of positive pieces in the local and national media about the college. I enrolled on the HNC to start with, to see if it would provide me with the necessary skills to continue in a career in Management and I now hope to continue to complete the BA degree in Business."

"I’ve really enjoyed my time at the college. The course has provided me with a better insight into business and helped me develop my knowledge of management. The staff have been excellent and very supportive. Completing an HN whilst also running a social club requires flexibility, and the timetabling of the course and assessments have allowed me to maintain my commitment to both the course, and to my responsibilities with the Rangers Club."

"I personally think that our community is very lucky to have such a modern facility with friendly and professional staff available locally, as it offers a great opportunity to get ahead, learn new skills and gain qualifications. For me, the combination of support from the staff and flexibility are the key to successfully completing the course, and the main reasons why I am confident that I will move on to complete my degree."

 John Macinnes, HND Business student