Karen Brown


Applied Music BA (Hons)

I’ve learned so much across a broad range of areas from academic writing, to creative and research skills. The blend of in-person residentials and instrumental tuition plus online tutorials and lectures was a great fit with my life commitments. I am very comfortable with video conferencing in my work so it was an easy transition to study this way.

I’ve made strong musical and social connections with other students and we’ve created a network online for educational and social support. But of course there’s nothing like going to Stornoway, Shetland, Inverness and Uist for residencies! These were memorable experiences in our beautiful country.
My studies have updated me on all the emerging music technologies and made me an effective learner and contributor in a wide range of subjects, which when added to my work experience and marketing and business skills, should make me well placed to contribute in my community and in new strategies to monetize musical activities.

The contribution made by our course leader Anna Wendy Stevenson is unmatched. She is the beating heart of the course, and her commitment and service have been a constant support and inspiration to me. She is a uniquely gifted teacher and communicator.

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Karen Brown