Local resources

As a student, you’ll no doubt be spending a fair amount of time in the libraries. Our principal Library and Learning Centre is located on our Stornoway campus and has some great facilities. On the ground floor you’ll find a wide selection of books, journals and online materials to help support your studies.

Learning Centre

Upstairs is the magnificently equipped Learning Resource Centre, which is the ideal place to study. It houses 40 PCs so you’ll never need to worry about gaining access to a computer for research and typing up assignments.  There’s also a training room located alongside, which is full of the latest equipment.

Of course, as a student of UHI, you also have access to a wide range of learning materials through the electronic library catalogue of our 12 partner colleges.

You’ll also be able to use the public libraries at our other learning centres in Castle Bay and Lionacleit too. These are available through the local community schools, which both house a public library with internet access.