Student stories

Joanne Maciver content Joanne-maciver

Joanne Maciver

Hi, I'm Joanne, I'm on my third year of Hairdressing and hope to qualify this summer. I really enjoy cutting and colouring, especially blondes, which I have been doing a lot of when working in the salon with some lovely results!

I enjoy studying in college, the classes are small so we get a lot of one too one tutoring. Although this year has been more difficult, we have had to adapt and work from home also.

On completion of this course I hope to rent a chair and get more practice doing both ladies and gents hair. I'd really like to specialise in gents' hair/grooming. Fingers crossed!

Kelsey Murray content Kelsey-murray

Kelsey Murray

Hi, my name is Kelsey Murray. I am a second-year hairdressing student studying at Lews Castle College. I enjoy working with blondes and using bright colours to create unique colour applications and hairstyles.

The good thing about studying at Lews Castle College UHI  is that it is smaller classes, so there is more time for one to one support.

I hope to be able to rent a chair in a salon and gain more practical experience as well as working with various clienteles, one day I hope to open up my own salon.

Louise Nicholson content louise-nicholson

Louise Nicholson

I am in my second year of hairdressing at Lews Castle College, I really enjoy the colouring aspect of hairdressing, particularly working with blondes. I like how being trained through LCC I am able to remain living at home whilst being a student. When I qualify as a hairdresser I hope to rent a chair in a salon, then as I gain more experience move on to the mainland.

Julia Macleod content julia-macleod

Julia Macleod

I am in my second year of hairdressing at Lews Castle College, I absolutely love hair ups and getting creative with colour application. 

The best part of learning at LCC is the small classes meaning there is more one to one support when needing that extra bit of explanation. 

Once I’ve completed my studies I hope to start my own mobile hairdressing business providing services to people in remote locations throughout the island!