July - August 2019

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Exploring the Geology of Lewis & Harris

The islands of the Outer Hebrides are constructed from some of the oldest and most spectacular rock types and formations in the world. Unique to the northwest of Scotland, the Lewisian Gneiss is named for its type-area in Lewis, and although the geology can get very complicated very quickly, this introductory guide to the rocks of Lewis and Harris will showcase some of the best geological localities and will explain the features of rocks and landscape found here. Starting each day with a short orientation lecture, this course will explore three distinct areas of Hebridean geology.

Day 1

Starting in northern Lewis we will look at the Ness metasediments and related deformational features, then along the west coast to inspect the remaining evidence of glacial activities in the area. Ending up looking at the relationships the ubiquitous “grey gneiss” exhibits with older and younger metamorphic rocks.

Day 2

Picking up from day 1, this excursion will visit some of the granitic complex of western Lewis, including the Uig intrusions and the spectacular Glen Bhaltos. The day ends on the east coast, in Point, to interpret the Stornoway sandstone formation, the only extensive non-metamorphic rock-type now observable.

Day 3

Extending our understanding of the complexity of the Lewisian Gneiss rock-types, this excursion will explore the exotic and complex meta-igneous landscape of South Harris.

These trips can be booked as a 1-day, 2-day, or full 3-day excursion and each minibus will leave from the Stornoway campus and will be accompanied by a local geologist from the UHI to explain the geology. Dress accordingly for the weather and bring your own lunch, your camera, and your questions.

16-18 July

In the field – Lewis & Harris

£75.00 – 3 days / £50 – 2 days / £25 – 1 day

(Includes travel to and from the pickup point)


Prof. Frank Rennie























Gaelic Songs & History of the Scottish Gaelic Diaspora

During this 5-day course you will learn, through song and history, about emigration and clearances in the Highlands and Islands, with particular focus on Lewis & Harris.

  • Some contextual background information relevant to the course subject will be given - landlords, rentals, famine, evictions, emigration schemes.
  • Songs by emigrants and those left behind, songs of protest against landlords and evictions.

This course will be delivered by renowned Gaelic singer Margaret Stewart who performs at home and abroad with some of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians.  The course is suitable for fluent speakers and those who have little or no Gaelic but who wish to learn about the language and our culture.

22-26 July Lews Castle College, Stornoway   £200

Angela Weir