Business & IT

We offer a wide range of subject areas within Business, Administration and Information technology from National Certificate to Honours degree. Our courses will equip you with the skills, qualities and capabilities valued by employers across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and that underpin successful enterprise.

Information Technology is the communication core of all modern life, be it business or personal; from the hidden super computers and servers in vast server farms, to the mobile phone in your hand. Information Technology is one of the fastest evolving and most lucrative industries on the planet and studying with us will provide you with skills applicable to every organisation. 

Maybe you want to get business smart with the latest techniques and technologies, or you want to make the next big mobile app, build office or factory software; or create the next big innovation in Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps you will make your mark creating the next game for mobile, PC or console.

Here at the Lews Castle College we offer a wide selection of relevant Business and IT related courses to provide you with the tools you need to charge up your skills for the 21st century. Our selection includes full time and part time options with local face to face lectures and classes, as well as distance learning with some of the best resources you could possibly need. All this delivered by professionals with a wide range of experience and knowledge.